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Al Amar Al Hadeth (Modern Constructions)


Villa 1202 , Dream City, Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq

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+964 (0) 750 561 2000

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Location of Plant / Warehouse

Makhmour Road, Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq

Area of Plant/Warehouse

900 sqm

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Registered with the KRG Ministry of Natural Resources under company number 100078

Registered with International Organization for Migration IOM under company number 25401324

Registered with United Nations UNGM Number 473703

Kurdistan Office Registered at Villa 1202, Dream City, Erbil, Kurdistan

Al Amar, Al Hadeth is a construction company established in 2009. We are continuously improving services and communication skills of the employees in order to meet the market needs and to fulfill the needs of our customers.

The company’s main objectives are:

  • Consistency

  • Quality

  • Responsibility

  • Customer satisfaction and further development

In the years to come continuance of trends launched in previous periods is expected; that is stable development and profit winning. The improving economic results, stabilization of customers, investors and employees gives an adequate assumption towards overcoming the still more demanding market conditions and towards a long-term development of our company.

Member of the Board of Directory:


Job Title 

Mahir Ilham Abdal
Mohunad Ilham Abdal V.P  
Mohammed Saed Moufak
Rawaz Ismail. 
(Director of financial management)
M.B ( Technical Director)   
( Office Manager )